Station Road currently has a team of five writers, all of which are currently living in Manchester.

Masooda Ali, Safoora Ali, Susan Cattan, Sarah Cassidy and Adam Williams.


Masooda Ali works as a HR professional during the day.Masooda Ali

By night she thinks of ideas for Station Road and about what she will eat the next day.

She likes reading, in particular books with pictures.

She has never had work published and Station Road is her first foray into writing for public consumption.

Her favourite colour is blue and her favourite food is potatoes. Neither of these influences her writing.


SARAH CASSIDYSarah profile pic

Sarah Cassidy is a fully fledged adopted Mancunian, after moving from Preston to the great city in 1995. Her day job is in higher education but combines this with being a writer, radio presenter, script and proof reader. Sarah completed her MA in TV and Radio Scriptwriting at the University of Salford in 2014. During this time she got her first professional broadcasting credit on BBC Radio 4 Extra satirical show ‘Newsjack’. She also wrote a 60 minute Christmas play ‘A Wythenshawe Tale’ for WFM 97.2 which was broadcast over the festive season in 2013 & 2014. As well as writing Station Road for ALL FM, Sarah has also written a stage play ‘Bleeding with Mother’ a dark comedy which has had rehearsed readings at The Kings Arms in Salford. More recently Sarah took part in Oh Dear Diary Manchester which saw her debut stage performance by reading cringe worthy extracts from her teenage diaries for The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. She is currently in the early stages of developing her first full length feature screenplay, and has recently completed a radio play written with the afternoon drama slot in mind. Sarah also writes a blog about travel, writing, life and various reviews. Her hobbies include netball and pilates.



Susan  has been writing since she was a child and had stories broadcast on hospital radio when she was eight.  She has written plays, one of which has been produced, and short stories, some of which have been published.  She was awarded a short story prize by the Society of Women Writers and Journalists and has an MA in Radio and TV Scriptwriting from Salford University.



Adam has been writing scripts since he was a teenager. He won a playwriting competition at 19 with his play Soldier Boy. In the early 90s he appeared in the award winning film I was a Fifty Foot Fuhrer. Recently he had a book of poetry published called A Sonnet Story http://atlanteanpublishing.wikia.com/wiki/A_Sonnet_Story Atlantean Publishing). At the start of the century he wrote a novel The Toy Man which is available on kindle and in paperback. Currently he is putting the finishing touches to his second novel The Badger. As well as writing for Station Road he is also appearing as Bob Foster. His acting CV includes Edgar in King Lear, David in Life and Beth and Tony in Abigail’s Party. As a freelance writer he is available for writing blogs, press releases and any other type of copywriting.

E-mail info@copywritingok.co.uk


Safoora Ali

A born and bred Mancunian who loves reading and writing. She also loves taking pictures and feels fortunate that people pay her to do something she loves. She can be found at the cinema and theatre often.

Writing on Station Road is the first time she has has her work listened to by the public without using an alias.

She loves awful music and glass bottles. She hates people who don’t use grammar correctly.

She is currently playing “Imola” in Station Road and would love to do more acting.



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